Current DateSeptember 27, 2021

Blood plasma could be a new avenue in the treatment of Covid-19

American researchers are optimistic that they will be able to treat patients infected with Covid-19 through the transfusion of blood plasma. New hope for treatment to treat patients infected with Covid-19 has emerged in the United States. Mayo Clinic researchers tested blood plasma transfusions on 20,000 hospital patients. This treatment is since people recovering from an infection have anti-virus antibodies floating in their blood. Plasma transfusions help the immune system of patients to fight the virus. The researchers published the results of the study in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

The treatment track is encouraging since only 1% of patients who received transfusions of blood plasma had serious complications. “What emerges from this study is that the treatment is inexpensive and the mortality rate in sick patients is quite low,” enthuses Michael Joyner, anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic, who led the study. Of the first 5,000 patients who received treatment, the mortality rate in the following week was 12%. After adjustment, including transfusions before the patient is at an advanced stage of the disease, this rate has dropped to 9%.

In addition to a transfusion earlier in the disease, the researchers say they have also been able to improve in the treatment of patients with Covid-19, as explained in the Washington Post. People with this condition may also have started to go to the hospital at a milder stage of the disease before receiving this treatment.

These results should be taken with caution since the benefits of this treatment were only seen when the epidemic was decreasing. Also, this study was not done in a clinical trial with the use of placebo. In China, a study published in the journal of the American Medical Association did not show a beneficial effect of this treatment, but the latter was stopped quickly and never recruited enough patients.

Researchers said they are working on additional studies. They therefore stated that they compared patients who received plasma with patients who did not. They also analyze the level of antibodies that neutralize the virus in the plasma to see if there is evidence that the dosage affects the result.