China expressway bridge collapses and kills 4 people


An expressway bridge in china collapsed over the week, killing 4 people and leaving for others injured.

In Ezhou City, Hubei Province, central China, three people were killed and four others injured on Saturday afternoon when a section of a ramp bridge tipped to one side and collapsed, according to the local emergency management agency.

The unfortunate event occurred at around 3:37 p.m. Beijing time when a section of the structure linking the Wuhan-Huangshi expressway and the Daqing-Guangzhou expressway fell.

Chinese transport officials said on Saturday that they had despatched specialists to the province of Hubei to help with the investigation and recovery efforts after the disaster. Local transportation bureaus, on their side, have been directed by the government to assess the situation and carry out emergency rescue operations.

The wounded have been sent to a hospital for medical care, and an inquiry has begun.

Over the years, China has been plagued by catastrophes like this. Poor quality due to corruption and speed of execution are often pointed at.

Steven Peck

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