Current DateSeptember 17, 2021

Covid-19: “critical” moment for the USA, country report

The United States faces a new worrying assessment, this Wednesday, since, according to the Johns Hopkins Institute, which is an authority on the matter, the Covid-19 has caused the death of 800 people in the last 24 hours (425 yesterday) , bringing the total to 121,228 deaths since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, 32,000 new cases were identified over these 24 hours, a figure in line with that of the last days, while the assessment was rather 20,000 contaminations per day last month. A total of 2.3 million people have been infected with the virus on American soil.

This increase in the number of cases is of higher concern since Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief immunologist of the White House, told a committee of the House of Representatives that these “outbreaks” of contamination were not explained by an increase in the number of screenings, as Donald Trump indicated in recent days, but by an increase in the contagion between Americans. “And that’s something that really worries me,” conceded Dr. Fauci, before adding “the next two weeks will be critical” to face what looks like a new wave. It is notably a question of increasing the screening capacity within the population, even if President Trump has maintained the vagueness on this subject, these last few days.

Latin America is also one of the regions of the world that is currently the most feared. According to AFP, the milestone of 100,000 deaths (for 2.1 million cases) has been crossed, if we include the assessment of the Caribbean, with more than half of the deaths recorded in Brazil, the other countries most affected being Mexico, Peru and Chile.

In Europe, certain doubts are also re-emerging: two local reconfigurations have been decided in cantons in Germany, following the appearance of hundreds of contaminations in slaughterhouses; Portugal has also re-established containment in part of its capital, Lisbon. The toll of the coronavirus in the world is 9,279,310 confirmed cases and 477,570 dead., According to a count made by AFP this Wednesday June 24, 2020 at 11 am.