Current DateSeptember 17, 2021

Covid-19 pandemic is worst crisis since 1945, says UN

The Covid-19 pandemic is the worst crisis the world has experienced since World War II, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Tuesday.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has already affected more than 850,000 people in 202 countries, and killed more than 40,000 of them, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently declared that the world was currently facing its worst crisis since World War II.

“The combination of a disease that threatens the entire planet and an economic impact leading to an unprecedented recession in the recent past” make this crisis “the greatest challenge we have faced since 1945” the secretary general recently told the media.

If many rich countries are currently overwhelmed by the number of sick and by the lack of means, Antonio Guterres also called for “rallying and international solidarity” to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus in developing countries which are still less well equipped to respond to this crisis.

“What is needed is a coordinated and comprehensive multilateral response. We are slowly moving in the right direction, he added, but we need to speed up and do more if we are to overcome the disease and support people in need. ” Beyond traditional aid from rich countries to the poor, “we have to find innovative financial instruments that will create mechanisms so that these countries can respond to the crisis”.

Otherwise, the pandemic could return as a “boomerang” in rich countries from poor countries, notably via Africa, he said, reaffirming that the disease could cause “millions of deaths”.

In this spirit, the United Nations for its part created this Tuesday a new fund for developing countries in order to continue its humanitarian operations on the ground while ensuring the health protection of medical personnel and the treated. The various United Nations agencies are also currently assessing where and how humanitarian operations are interrupted to try to identify solutions as quickly as possible. COVID-19 awareness-raising operations are also planned for the most vulnerable communities.

“Once we are out of this crisis, we will have a choice to make,” continued Antonio Guterres. Either go back to living in the world as it was before, or deal decisively with the issues that make us all today unnecessarily vulnerable to crises. “