Current DateSeptember 17, 2021

COVID-19: Texas “slows” the process to reopen the state cause of new cases added

The governor of the second most populous state in the United States has announced “to curb” the deconfinement of the territory. Even if the number of hospitalizations for the Covid-19 has doubled in a few days, he refuses to close the shops.

Save lives or the economy? Faced with this dilemma, the Republican governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, intends to support the two in a perilous balancing act. After having confined its state – the second most populous in the country with nearly 29 million inhabitants – in April, Texas was one of the first to open the state in May, however since mid-June the number of contamination found has followed an exponential curve. At 1,254 cases daily on June 15, the number of new cases detected continued to increase, reaching 5,996 new cases listed on June 25, a record. In short, the number of proven infections was multiplied by almost 5 in just 10 days. The epidemic is mainly concentrated in the “Texan triangle” grouping the urban area of Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio.

In line with this outbreak, the daily rhythm of these deaths has also shown great consistency since mid-April, despite the confinement. This June 25, the total number of deaths due to the Covid-19 in this state of the south of the United States was 2 296. And this acceleration of the number of patients puts under pressure the Texans hospitals. On June 15, 2,326 people were hospitalized for this disease against 4,739 on June 25, a number that doubled in less than two weeks.

According to the Texas state health service, the state still has 12,597 beds available to date, including 1,322 resuscitation beds, but the risk of saturation is becoming more and more palpable. Interviewed by the Texas Tribune, Marc Boom, the head of the Methodist hospital system in Houston, said last week that “if the number of new cases grows too quickly what has happened since, this could potentially challenge our ability to treat Covid-19 patients as well as others at the same time.