Current DateSeptember 19, 2021

Idaho passes bill to kill wolves by 90%

The state of Idaho has recently signed a bill allowing the killing of 90% of the wolves in the state. Thanks to this bill, the state of Idaho will be able to hire hunters authorized to kill an almost unlimited number of wolves.

“Wolves are too many in the state of Idaho,” said Republican state senator Mark Harris. On Wednesday April 21, the Idaho Senate passed a bill to kill 90 percent of the state’s wolves, according to the New York Times. The measure must now be presented to the House of Representatives. According to supporters of this bill, wolves are too numerous and threaten livestock and agricultural interests.

With 26 votes in favor and 7 against, the Senate voted in favor of increasing the budget of the Wolf Control Fund, a public organization. An additional $190,000 will therefore be paid, in addition to the $400,000 allocated so far. With this money, the organization will be able to hire hunters authorized to kill an almost unlimited number of wolves.

The Idaho Wolf Conservation and Management Plan calls on the state to maintain a wolf population of at least 150 units. According to Mark Harris, the latest count showed 1,556 wolves roaming the state.

Wolves are no longer a protected species in the US since 2020, allowing them animal to be hunted. In Montana and Idaho, wolves have lost that status in 2009.

For the past decade, Idaho has pursued a “hostile and extreme” policy, according to the executive director of the Wolf Conservation Center, Maggie Howell. “Beyond the gratuitous cruelty and devastation that the passage of this bill would bring to wolves, this legislation poses a threat to wolves nationwide,” she commented.

For the executive vice president of the Idaho Cattle Association, the state cattle ranchers association, the Senate vote is a good way to resolve “the conflicts caused by these predators.”

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