Current DateSeptember 19, 2021

WHO is concerned about the acceleration of the coronavirus pandemic in Africa

With more than 721,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 15,000 deaths, Africa remains one of the regions of the world least affected by the pandemic. But World Health Organization official responsible for managing health emergencies, Michael Ryan, is worried about the accelerating transmission of the virus.

For the WHO, the situation in South Africa, the fifth country in the world in terms of number of contaminations with more than 364,000 confirmed cases, would be a warning for other countries on the continent. Because the increase in Covid-19 transmissions is accelerating from week to week.

In Madagascar, for example, the number of confirmed cases has tripled since early July and now stands at around 7,000 cases. Côte d’Ivoire, for its part, has more than 14,000 positive coronavirus tests, double the figures recorded a month earlier. And more generally, since the beginning of July, Africa has recorded 10,000 new confirmed cases every week.

Worrisome figures as many countries lift restrictions put in place to slow the epidemic. Restrictions have upset African economies. In recent weeks, several countries such as Senegal and Guinea have therefore decided to partially reopen air links. This Monday, Tunisia also welcomed its first flight of tourists. In Côte d’Ivoire, the metropolis of Abidjan, isolated from the rest of the country since the end of March, is once again accessible.

On the contrary, faced with the increase in cases, other countries are reintroducing restrictive measures. As in Algeria, where confinement was extended until July 26 for 29 wilayas or even in South Africa, with the reinstatement of the curfew and the ban on the sale of alcohol.