12 Best Places To Visit For Motorcycle Touring

man sitting on black and gray touring motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is a unique way to experience the world, and there are countless breathtaking destinations perfect for motorcycle touring. Here are 12 of the best places to visit for an unforgettable motorcycle adventure.

1. Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Traversing the Pacific Coast Highway on a motorcycle is akin to a rite of passage for riding enthusiasts. This iconic route stretches over 600 miles, offering a symphony of breathtaking views, from the towering redwoods in the north to the sun-kissed beaches in the south. Each curve presents a new vista, whether it’s the misty cliffs of Big Sur or the bustling streets of Los Angeles. The journey is dotted with historic landmarks, cozy seaside towns, and opportunities to veer off the beaten path and explore the diverse natural beauty of California’s coast. Riders can enjoy the freedom of the open road, the salty breeze, and the ever-changing landscape that makes this journey unforgettable.

2. The Alps, Europe

Motorcycling through the Alps is an exhilarating experience that combines challenging rides with awe-inspiring scenery. This vast mountain range stretches across eight countries, offering a variety of routes that cater to every rider’s dream. From the famous Stelvio Pass in Italy to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria, each twist and turn brings a new panorama of snow-capped peaks, serene lakes, and verdant valleys. The cultural diversity of the region adds a unique flavor to the journey, allowing riders to experience different architectural styles, cuisines, and traditions as they cross borders and explore the heart of Europe.

3. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is a majestic 151-mile stretch that offers riders a dramatic landscape shaped by the powerful Southern Ocean. Renowned for its towering limestone stacks, known as the Twelve Apostles, the road winds through rainforests, past beaches, and under koala-filled eucalyptus trees. The route is not just a visual feast; it’s a journey through Australia’s maritime history, with historic lighthouses and shipwrecks dotting the coastline. Riders can immerse themselves in the natural beauty and wildlife, take in the vibrant seaside towns, and revel in the road’s exhilarating curves and sweeping vistas.

4. Route 66, USA

Route 66, often called “The Mother Road,” is steeped in American lore, offering a slice of classic Americana that’s ripe for exploration on two wheels. This historic highway, which once connected the Midwest to the West Coast, passes through a tapestry of the U.S. landscape, from the rolling Illinois prairies to the deserts of the Southwest. Riders can discover the country’s heart and soul, visiting vintage diners, old gas stations, and quirky attractions that harken back to the road’s heyday. It’s a journey that not only showcases the physical diversity of the United States but also its cultural heritage, making it a quintessential American adventure.

5. The Pyrenees, Spain and France

The Pyrenees offer a motorcycle journey that’s as challenging as it is beautiful, straddling the border between France and Spain. This mountain range features some of the most thrilling roads in Europe, with tight turns, steep ascents, and descents, and spectacular views. Riders can explore a landscape dotted with ancient castles, serene mountain lakes, and quaint villages that showcase the rich cultures of both countries. The diversity of the terrain, from lush forests to barren peaks, coupled with the region’s distinctive cultures, makes the Pyrenees a must-visit destination for motorcyclists seeking an unforgettable ride.

6. Cape Town to Johannesburg, South Africa

Riding from Cape Town to Johannesburg offers an epic journey that encapsulates the beauty and diversity of South Africa. This route takes riders through the heart of the country, from the stunning coastlines of the Cape to the historic battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal, and finally to the vibrant city of Johannesburg. Along the way, riders can experience the rich cultural tapestry of South Africa, from the wine regions of the Western Cape to the traditional Zulu and Xhosa lands. The journey is a blend of natural beauty, history, and modern South African culture, providing a comprehensive and immersive experience of this fascinating country.

7. Isle of Man TT Course

Riding the Isle of Man TT Course is a pilgrimage for motorcycle enthusiasts, offering a chance to experience one of the most challenging and legendary circuits in the world. When not hosting the famous races, the course is a public road that winds through the island’s picturesque landscapes, from quaint villages to rugged coastal cliffs. Riders can test their skills on the same bends and straights where racing heroes have made history, all while enjoying the serene beauty and unique culture of the Isle of Man.

8. Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a jewel of southern Italy, offering riders a winding road perched between the azure waters of the Mediterranean and the steep cliffs of the Sorrentine Peninsula. This route is renowned for its stunning beauty, with colorful villages like Positano and Amalfi nestled on the hills

ides, offering breathtaking views at every turn. The road itself is a test of skill, with sharp curves and narrow passages, but the reward is a sensory feast of Italian culture, cuisine, and natural beauty that is unparalleled.

9. Trollstigen, Norway

Trollstigen, or the Troll’s Ladder, is a masterpiece of engineering, carved into the Norwegian mountains. This dramatic road offers an adrenaline-pumping ride, with 11 hairpin bends that climb steeply up the mountainside, offering riders an unparalleled view of the valley below. The journey is punctuated by waterfalls, including the towering Stigfossen, which cascades down the mountainside alongside the road. Riding Trollstigen is not just a test of skill; it’s an immersion in the raw, untamed beauty of Norway’s natural landscape.

10. The Black Forest, Germany

Germany’s Black Forest is a land of fairy tales, with dense forests, rolling hills, and traditional villages that seem straight out of a storybook. The region’s roads offer a delightful mix of challenging twists and scenic stretches, with the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Riders can delve into the local culture, sampling Black Forest cake, exploring historic castles, and soaking in the traditional German hospitality that makes this region so welcoming.

11. Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

The Transfagarasan Highway is a marvel of road engineering, winding its way through the Fagaras Mountains of Romania. Often cited as one of the best driving roads in the world, it offers motorcyclists a thrilling ride with sharp turns, steep inclines, and stunning vistas. The road takes riders up to the clouds, passing by glacial lakes, waterfalls, and the imposing Balea Lake. The journey is a blend of natural beauty and engineering prowess, offering a riding experience that is both exhilarating and visually stunning.

12. Himalayas, India

Motorcycling in the Indian Himalayas is an adventure of a lifetime, offering riders the chance to traverse some of the highest motorable roads in the world. The landscape is a dramatic mix of rugged mountains, remote monasteries, and vibrant local cultures. Riders can tackle challenging passes like Khardung La and Baralacha La, experiencing the thrill of riding at high altitudes while soaking in the breathtaking views. This journey is not just about the roads but about connecting with the spirit of the Himalayas, its people, and its ancient traditions, making it a deeply transformative experience.

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