According to a poll by the American Osteopathic Association, more than 80% of Americans use dietary supplements. They are also increasingly using superfoods, and plants to strengthen their immunity, gain vitality or lose weight permanently.

Among the most popular used supplements, we find the famous “appetite suppressants”, which would regulate food intake and therefore control one’s weight. But what is an appetite suppressant exactly and most importantly, what are the most effective natural appetite suppressants?

An appetite suppressant is a substance, drug, or food that has the property of causing food satiety, often associated with weight loss.

By nature, complex organisms like animals, especially those which have the potential to create energy reserves to face bad seasons and periods of famine, tend to do so unconsciously by storing fats and sugars. In this process, the brain sends chemical signals indicating that the body must provide food, even if it does not need it immediately.

Some foods, due to their high fiber content, act as appetite suppressants. They are therefore recommended in case of cravings, and constitute a healthy alternative to sweet, fatty, and/or salty snacks. They can thus help to control weight gain, or even promote weight loss.

Best Appetite Suppressants — Video Summary

1.    Apple

It is certainly the most famous of all appetite suppressants. This fruit is naturally rich in fiber and pectin, a mucilaginous fiber capable not only of swelling on contact with water (the appetite suppressant effect) but also of capturing some of the dietary fats and sugars in the intestine. So, apple is not only effective in suppressing cravings, but it is also interesting for its positive action on cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

2.    Oat bran

This is the outer shell of the oat grain. Just like the apple, it is rich in fiber and pectin. Thus, it can absorb up to 30 times its volume in water and is therefore very satiating. In addition, if consumed with meals, it captures some of the lipids and sugars and drains them directly into the elimination pathways. Also, in addition to being an appetite suppressant, oat bran can lower the calorie load of a meal. It is easily eaten in cottage cheese, sprinkled on a salad or vegetables, or added to a dough, etc.

3.    Egg white

Most of the calories in an egg are contained in the yolk, but the white is very low in calories. In contrast, it is a concentrate of proteins, therefore nutritious. Also egg white is a very good appetite suppressant, inexpensive, excellent for muscle mass, and a source of energy. It can be eaten at any time of the day and is easy to adapt (hard-cooked, scrambled, as an omelet, etc.).

4.    Konjac

Konjac is a plant from Asia, whose rhizome is used to make various preparations: jelly, noodles, flour, etc.… It is characterized above all by its low-calorie content (5 to 10 kcal per 100g), its neutral taste, and its high content of glucomannan, a type of fiber that becomes very viscous on contact with water. Its consumption is recommended for people wishing to lose weight because foods based on konjac are effective appetite suppressants. On the other hand, it is recommended to drink a lot when eating konjac, and to limit its consumption in case of fragile intestines, because it accelerates transit.

5.    Seaweeds

Food algae, such as kelp (or wrack), wakame, nori, or kombu (or sea lettuce) are also appetite suppressants to consider. Very rich in antioxidants and minerals (immune system boosters), they are also interesting for their content in phytosterols (anti-cholesterol), fiber (satiating), and iodine (contributes to good thyroid function). Their fibers are “lipid traps”, so they have a positive effect on blood cholesterol and may protect against high blood pressure.

6.    Oilseeds

Although high in calories (because they are rich in monounsaturated fat), almonds, walnuts, and other hazelnuts are often recommended as a snack. Indeed, they are well endowed with dietary fibers and require long chewing. Numerous studies have shown the benefit of consuming nuts during weight-loss diets, as they prevent deficiencies and promote better control of food intake. A handful of oilseeds is both a healthy snack and an appetite suppressant.

7.    Psyllium

Psyllium is very interesting as a natural appetite suppressant. The husk or “seed coat” that surrounds the seeds is particularly rich in fiber and mucilage. Mucilage is a natural substance that swells in contact with water and takes on a thick, viscous consistency in the stomach. Psyllium seeds thus form a gel which, in addition to increasing the feeling of fullness, reduces the passage of fats and sugar in the body.

Psyllium (and mainly blond psyllium) is, therefore, a very good weight loss ally. You will enjoy consuming it mixed with fruit juices or smoothies, or integrated into pastries, bread, cakes, etc.… Remember to drink a lot of water when you consume psyllium: this will improve its action in the stomach.

8.    White cheese

Due to its high protein content, cottage cheese is very satiating and contributes to good muscle health. It is therefore an interesting appetite suppressant to incorporate into your daily diet, especially if it is chosen low in fat. In addition, it is a good source of calcium, essential for preventing the risk of osteoporosis, and vitamin D. It can be used as the basis of many sweet and savory preparations, making it an easy-to-eat appetite suppressant.

9.    Bananas

Bananas are certainly one of the most caloric fruits, but their calories are nutritionally interesting for the body. Bananas are indeed a reliable source of energy, vitamins, and minerals essential for the body. In addition, the flesh of bananas is very dense flesh and very rich in soluble fibers. These slow down the digestion process, so the feeling of fullness starts earlier during a meal and, above all, lasts longer. Bananas are therefore an appetite suppressant food to be favored, especially as a snack (energy, alleviating hunger, and craving for sweets).

10.    Raw cocoa

As amazing as that may sound, raw cocoa is a great natural appetite suppressant. Raw cocoa beans (Theobroma cacao) are rich in protein (20 g per 100 g). They also contain other great nutrients for weight loss such as tryptophan. This amino acid is a precursor of serotonin, the mood and sleep hormone, but also the hormone that regulates appetite and calms the craving for sweets.

We strongly invite you to discover the unique taste of raw cocoa beans! Very aromatic, try to eat them as simply as possible, by crunching them under the tooth. You can also grind them and sprinkle them on your sweet preparations (yogurts, compotes, etc.…) or integrate them into pastries and cakes recipes. You can also consume dark chocolate at more than 70%, but it will be more caloric.

11.    Spirulina

Spirulina is a cyanobacterium often confused with algae, known for its exceptional composition, increasingly used as a food supplement. Its protein content is 9 times greater than rice and 3 times more than beef, for example. Protein decreases appetite by prolonging the state of fullness between meals. It is therefore an excellent natural appetite suppressant!

Spirulina also contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that contributes to the feeling of fullness and interacts with the satiety hormone cholecystokinin. It also has the advantage of being low in calories.

Spirulina powder can be mixed with drinks, juices, smoothies, and herbal teas. Although it is not appreciated by everyone, its taste of delicately iodized seaweed goes well with savory preparations: guacamole, salads, pancakes.

12.    Lentils

Lentils contain a high amount of protein and fiber which increase the food absorbing power of your stomach. This, therefore, has the effect of making you feel fuller for longer. A bowl of lentils (green or even coral) will give you enough protein and carbohydrates to keep you going during the day and can even double as a meal on its own.

13.    Almonds

Almonds are very good natural appetite suppressants also because of their high fiber content. They also have the advantage of containing good fats. But beware! Almonds should not be abused because they are very high-calorie foods.

14.    Potato

The potato has a double advantage: it contains fibers (specific to vegetables) and slow sugars (specific to starches). The former has the ability to swell in the stomach to fill it and limit the cravings for snacking. Slow sugars, on the other hand, have a satiating power allowing you to feel a feeling of satiety for at least 4 hours.

To limit the number of calories eaten, prefer steamed potatoes.

15.    Dark chocolate

Who said that dark chocolate should be avoided when trying to lose weight? Indeed, dark chocolate has both physiological and psychological effects. Contrary to what you might think, dark chocolate is an effective appetite suppressant that reduces cravings, but not only that. Dark chocolate is also ideal for limiting urges to eat and reducing stress.

But the benefits of dark chocolate don’t end there; it is also a powerful anti-oxidant. So don’t hesitate to consume a square of dark chocolate regularly.

16.    Fish

All kinds of fish are powerful natural appetite suppressants. This is due to the complete and long-to-digest proteins they contained. As soon as you eat fish, these proteins send a message of satiety to the part of the brain responsible for hunger.

Thanks to the omega-3 contained in fish, the satiety power of the proteins is also increased.

17.     Lemon

Lemon is a citrus fruit that has a major advantage: it contains citric acid that promotes the reduction of blood sugar levels in the blood. Therefore, if the sugar level in the body is low, you will be fuller for longer, and fat will not be stored in your body.

Lemon is therefore an interesting natural appetite suppressant, but not only. It is also a powerful detoxifier ideal as part of a detox diet.

18.     Coffee

Coffee is not harmful to health if you take it in moderation. It activates the metabolism and limits the urge to snack.

It is recommended to drink a cup in the morning and one at noon after your meal to make the most of its appetite suppressant virtue.

On the other hand, avoid drinking it at night (after 5 p.m.) if you want to have a good sleep.

19.     Green tea

Green tea is a great appetite suppressant drink. It is highly valued for its anti-oxidant and fat-burning properties. It is a great slimming ally, ideal for preventing hunger and avoiding snacking. For more pleasure, enjoy hot green tea with a few slices of lemon or mint leaves.

It should be noted that green tea contains theine which can disturb sleep. So, avoid drinking green tea late at night.

20.     Water

Water is the natural appetite suppressant par excellence. It has the power to fill the stomach and therefore reduce the feeling of hunger.

Before eating, do not hesitate to drink a large glass of water. This will allow you to better control your appetite and not overeat during the meal.

Elena Mars

Born in London, England and raised in Orlando, FL, Elena graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelors' degree in Health Sciences. She later received her masters' in Creative Writing  from Drexel University. She writes part-time for the Scientific Origin and focuses mostly on health related issues.