Satya Nadella Sells Half Of His Microsoft Stock


Microsoft has not revealed how Satya Nadella intends to use the monies raised by this sale. The company alluded to “personal financial planning and diversification reasons”.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, several experts believe that this move may be related to changes in the state of Washington, where Microsoft is headquartered. From 2022 onwards, a 7 percent tax on long-term capital gains exceeding $250,000 would be imposed on individuals.

To allay fears that the massive sale of stocks by the CEO of a publicly-traded company may cause, Satya Nadella was quick to point out that he ” He is committed to the continued success of the company and his holdings significantly exceed the holding requirements set by the Microsoft Board of Directors.”

Satya Nadella has positioned himself as the most important person at Microsoft, second only to founder Bill Gates. When he took over the reins of a corporation that was widely thought to be in decline, he was able to transform it into the second biggest company in the world by market capitalization. Since he became CEO, the company’s stock has seen a 780 percent increase in value, reaching $ 2.530 trillion in market cap.

A success that can be traced back to sound strategic decisions that have paid off. When the company’s smartphone business, which had been related to the company’s predecessor Steve Ballmer, failed, the Indian-born engineer opted to concentrate on the cloud computing sector, which he did in 2014. Microsoft Azure has grown to become one of the world’s leading companies in the cloud computing business under his guidance.

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