Some women swear by wearing a bra 24 hours a day. Others prefer to leave their breasts loose under the sheets while sleeping.

No research shows that sleeping with a bra on is detrimental to your boobs, but there is also no evidence that sleeping with one offers any benefits either.

In principle, you can do what makes you feel better. Neither choice is wrong unless you are blessed with a large cup, have sensitive nipples/breasts, or are breastfeeding. In any of these cases, it might feel more comfortable to support your breasts with a bra while sleeping.

Do you get sagging breasts when you sleep without a bra?

Wearing a bra at night does not make your breasts any more voluminous and it also does not affect the firmness of your breasts. Keep in mind, everyone’s breasts get a bit saggier with age anyway. That is the law of mother nature and of gravity, and a bra will not stop it.

The breast tissue is supported by collagen-rich connective tissue (Cooper’s ligaments) that are located under the skin and that begin to stretch and weaken with the passage of time, like, by the way, all ligaments in the body. As a result, your breasts will sag and droop.

However, it’s not just age that plays a role in this, also your weight, how many times you were pregnant, and how much breast tissue you have, count. Heredity, weight fluctuations, smoking, and hormonal changes during pregnancy are all factors that contribute to breast sagging.

Do you get breast cancer from sleeping with an underwired bra on?

There is also no link between wearing a bra and developing breast cancer. It is a myth that has spread widely, but that contains no basis of truth.

Sleeping with an underwired bra on doesn’t get you cancer. However, because such braces can cause discomfort or pain when turning and moving during sleep, a soft sports bra, which is the right size and that is not too tight, is a much better option for those who want to sleep with a packed bosom. Furthermore, the braces in the bras often contain nickel, which in combination with sweat moisture can cause skin irritation.

A good night bra should allow your breasts to breathe. Cotton, for example, is ideal for those who are prone to fungal infections. Those who are often sweaty at night can also opt for a synthetic bra that does not absorb moisture.

Tips to keep your breasts firm and perky

Work out your pectorals

Even though the breasts are not made of muscles, they rest on the pecs. You can therefore train the pecs to support the breasts, which in turn will make them appear firmer. Exercises like pushups, dumbbell presses, bench presses are perfect to firm up your chest.

Adopt a diet rich in protein

Pay attention to your diet! Healthy eating is important for the well-being of your whole body. To promote muscle development, it is also important to eat a diet rich in protein, which will allow you to better nourish your pectoral muscles and therefore tone your breasts.

But food alone is not enough! Remember to supplement good nutrition with physical exercise and, in particular, with the exercises recommended previously.

Take cold showers

Cold showers are known to firm up the skin and promote blood circulation. By taking a cold shower regularly, you will keep your skin and thus prevent the sagging of the breasts.

Avoid UV rays

We don’t think enough about protecting our cleavage from the sun. However, the UV rays from the sun have a negative effect on this area as well. It’s well known that overexposure to the sun will damage your skin, cause wrinkles and make the skin looser. It is therefore important to protect your breasts from overexposure to the sun.

Choose the right bra

Choosing the right bra is also highly important for keeping your breasts perky. Avoid bras that are too small and too tight. If possible, opt for bras with an underwire.

Elena Mars

Elena writes part-time for the Scientific Origin, focusing mostly on health-related issues.