13 Most Erogenous Parts Of The Body… Where To Touch Your Girl To Turn Her On

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In general, the genitals are considered the most important erogenous zone, but this statement does not apply to everyone. Every person is unique and that also applies to their sexual stimulation. It comes down to exploring your own body with your partner and discovering which zones excite you or make you feel good when touched.

1. The scalp

If you consider for a moment the relaxing feeling when someone massages your scalp, it is not surprising that stimulation of this body zone also gives sexual stimulation in certain people. After all, massaging or gently touching the scalp causes a pleasant feeling in the neck and higher in the zone between the ears.

2. The earlobes

In a survey conducted in the United States that dates back to 2016, women put the earlobes in fourth place as a non-genital erogenous zone. The top three are the breasts, lips, and neck.

The stimulus can be created by massaging the earlobes, but also by kissing them, licking them, or nibbling on them. Even blowing in the ears is experienced by certain people as exciting.

3. The mouth and lips

When we tongue-kiss, our body is flooded with natural feel-good substances such as dopamine (a hormone that provides satisfaction and motivation), oxytocin (the love hormone that stimulates trust and connection), and serotonin (a hormone that makes us feel good and good). These substances can also fuel our sexual arousal. Gently sucking or nibbling on the lower lip can cause the same effect.

4. The neck

The neck, both the side and back, and the zone behind the ears, is a very sensitive region, especially in women. A tip is to gently kiss the neck or slide the finger (nails) over the neck.

5. The breasts and nipples

Gently touching the breasts and nipples can cause fireworks in a person and that is not surprising. A study in 2011 showed that nipple stimulation in women activates the same part of the brain (genital sensory cortex) as sexual touching of the clitoris, vagina, and cervix do. The genital sensory cortex of men receives signals from the penis.

Read more on the subject: Women’s clitoris, vagina, and cervix mapped on the sensory cortex: fMRI evidence (nih.gov)

6. The navel and the lower abdomen

The navel may be a bit obvious because it is located near the genitals, but it is also a body part with a lot of nerve endings and it is associated with the emergence of new life. Stimulation of the navel and lower abdomen can induce a tingling sensation in your partner’s genitals. You can use the mouth or the tongue, but also touch with a cold (ice cube) or soft (feather) object can provide a sexy sensation.

7. The lower back

The lower back also deserves a place in this list. Not only because it is quite close to the genitals, but especially because it is a very sensitive body zone. Rubbing or stroking your partner’s back, or pressing certain back points, can increase the intensity of orgasm. Here too, cold objects such as ice cubes or sex toys can intensify the feeling.

8. The armpits and the inside of the arms

Most people associate the inside of the arms and especially the armpit with being “very sensitive to tickling,” but if you can transcend that thought, chances are that zone will give you a lot of fun and relaxation. The touch of these sensitive body parts is then preferably done in a very soft way: with a feather, with the tongue or with the fingers. With the latter, the chance of success is apparently greatest if the partner has long nails.

Body cavities, such as the armpit, are a fetish for some people anyway. Sometimes it also has to do with the smell they give off.

Often the gentle rubbing on the inside of the arm is also recommended as a sleeping tip because it has a relaxing effect.

9. The palms and fingertips

Our hands touch all kinds of objects and other hands (or body parts) and that is why they can give an erotic stimulus when touched in a certain way by other hands. The palms are very sensitive and ideal to build intimacy with your partner.

An example of how you can do that: take your partner’s palms into yours and massage them in the meantime by making solid circles with your thumbs. Maintain eye contact and then bring your partner’s palms to your lips or cheek.

10. The inside of the wrists

It is a spot that is as sensitive as the palms and fingertips but that is often forgotten. And yet, playing with the wrists can really make the love game really steamy. Preferences go from being gently kissed or licked to being grabbed tightly and pinned to the bed.

11. The inside of the thighs

This body zone is extremely sensitive to sensual touch. And since it is close to the genitals, they immediately benefit from the stimulus. Touching the inside of the thighs, as well as the palms and feet, is ideal for caressing your partner or helping him/her relax as a warm-up for sex.

14. The knee cavities

Stimulating this place can be very intense in foreplay and help to reach a sexual peak. This has to do with the dopamine rush that can be caused by a gentle touch of the knee cavity.

13. The feet

Caressing or kissing your partner’s feet can be experienced as erotic because it creates sensations all over the body. The sole and arch of the foot are the most sensitive to this. Some people also like their toes to be sucked or nibbled.

Jenny Zhang

Jenny holds a Master's degree in psychiatry from the University of Illinois and Bachelors's degree from the University of Texas in nutritional sciences. She works as a dietician for Austin Oaks Hospital in Austin, Texas. Jenney writes content on nutrition and mental health for the Scientific Origin.