In winter, the length of the penis can decrease by 50% and lose up to 30% of its girth. This biological reaction comes to us from the time when men lived outdoors.

This information could worry more than one. In winter, the length of the penis can decrease by half and lose up to 30% of its girth. The testicles also tend to disappear. “When it’s cold outside, your body does everything possible to contain its internal heat and the organs can contract. The blood vessels constrict too,” says Amin Brahmbhatt, an American urologist.

This biological reaction comes to us from the time when people lived outside, at the mercy of the climate. To fight against low temperatures, our body is programmed to conserve heat as soon as the thermometer drops below a certain level. The body then harnesses all of its resources to maintain the flow of blood in the middle of the body, where the vital organs are located.

To achieve this, it decreases the blood flow to the peripheral limbs, such as the fingers, toes and penis (which explains why the hands and feet are the first to freeze when it gets very cold). At the same time, the testicles can retract and move up inside the body to keep you warm.

Conversely, the penis is longer and wider in summer. “The hotter it is, the more the blood vessels dilate, and the blood flow increases. The corpora cavernosa get enlarged, and the penis gets bigger,” says Dudley Danoff, urologist and author of a guide to male sexual health . As a result, a penis that has become very small due to cold will returns to its normal size in a few minutes when exposed to heat such as a hot shower.

Low temperatures can also male orgasms. Men can take longer to reach orgasm when they are cold. The cold is a distraction when trying to have sex. Your mind will instinctively think about how you can warm up rather than focusing on the sex. Such distractions inevitably delay orgasm because it is difficult to focus on two things at the same time.

It’s not only men who are affected by the seasons in that particular area. There are also “winter vaginas”. The dry air of fall and winter depletes the moisture of women’s bodies, leaving the skin dehydrated and cracked. And although not many women talk about it, the vaginas can also go into dry mode during this period, especially when in heated rooms and therefore not very humid.

In recent research, the authors concluded that the average length of an erect phallus ranges from 12 to 16 cm. At rest, its length would range from 7 to 10 cm.

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