In the Midowtopia mobile game, the goal is to save an orangutan and its natural habitat—an island plagued by depopulation and pollution. In an effort to improve the game, the publisher is appealing to the public for feedback. The aim is not only to raise awareness about protecting the environment but also to change people’s behavior.

Going beyond awareness

In February 2020, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) unveiled its new campaign called Mission 1.5° — a free application available on mobile and the web. It consisted of mini-games with the simple objective: to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. In other words, this application was intended to raise public awareness of global warming.

Recently, another application has been made available to promote awareness on the effects of deforestation and pollution on wildlife. This application in question is called Midowtopia, a mobile game created by the publisher eGreen. eGreen is funded by the European Commission for a very specific purpose. Indeed, it is a question of modifying the behaviors of people and to motivate them to commit to sustainable development.

The Midowtopia scenario is simple. The player lands on an island devastated by pollution where the only survivor is none other than an orangutan named Midow. The latter appealed for help to clean up and repopulate the island. In addition, this game recalls the story of this orangutan from the island of Borneo who, in 2018, had not hesitated to attack a bulldozer destroying his forest (Video Below).

The game can be improved

The game is in the testing phase and until July 20, 2020, the publisher remains attentive to the players. They can therefore give their opinion. According to Jérémie Jean, founder of eGreen, the game can be improved, despite the fact that it required five years of development.

“Our goal with Midowtopia is to build on knowledge gained in behavioral science to encourage individuals to become more environmentally responsible. On Midowtopia, the points earned are not only used to rank you among the best participants. They are really useful for you to evolve in the game, to clean up the island and to reintroduce animals and plants,” said the man.

eGreen is convinced that the subject will mobilize the community made up of 5,500 “pulsers”. Recently, several campaigns (zero waste, green energy) have shown that the community is receptive to questions of eco-responsibility and sustainable development.

Hugues Louissaint

Hugues Louissaint is an entrepreneur and writer, living in the US for over a decade. He has launched successful products such the Marabou Coffee brand, which has been highly successful in Florida. He has also been a writer for more than 5 years focusing on science, technology, and health. He writes part-time for the Scientific Origin and provides valuable input on a wide range of subjects.