Don’t have too much time to dry your hair before you leave home, or do you think natural drying shouldn’t be a problem? Make no mistake: going out with wet hair is not healthy for your hair.

Aside from the risk of catching a cold, wet hair is significantly more vulnerable than dry hair. Indeed, in contact with water, there is a spacing of the scales (cuticles) that cover and protect the hair fiber. As a result, wet hair exposed to the open air (especially in urban areas) will absorb far more microparticles of dust and pollution. If this happens regularly, the hair will gradually lose its shine and silkiness, and may become more brittle and dry.

Problems also arises for the scalp. If not dried properly, your hair can promote the proliferation of microscopic yeasts, contribute to the appearance of dandruff, or worsen skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

How to dry your hair well? Start by gently rubbing your hair with a soft terry towel. If you decide use the hair dryer, place it on moderate heat and keep it 10 – 15 cm from the head.

Erica Delaney

An experienced nurse, Erica focuses on subjects related to pregnancy and infant health. She enjoys dancing and playing the piano in her free time.