Celery juice is claimed to have a multitude of health benefits. It has been shown to enhance the immune system, prevent cancer, and even beautify our skin.

These benefits are attributed to the nutritional value of celery, which is quite high. Indeed, celery is rich in a wide range of vitamins and nutrients.

Nutritional Value of Celery

A lot of people do not like the taste of celery, but one thing is certain. Celery juice is healthy. It is packed with nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other valuable nutrients.

Indeed, Fresh, raw celery contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B11, K, C, and the minerals potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and zinc. These vitamins and minerals are essential for good health and the strength of the immune system.

NutrientsCelery, raw, a medium stalk, 20 cm/40 gBoiled celery, drained, ½ cup (125 mL)/80 g
Protein0,3 g0,7 g
Carbohydrates1,2 g3,2 g
Lipids0,1 g0,1 g
Dietary fiber0,6 g1,1 g

Celery Juice Benefits

Effective against hypertension

A chemical called phthalide found in celery has a remarkable effect on blood circulation. It facilitates the relaxation of the muscles that surround the arteries. This relaxation of the muscles contributes to a vasodilator effect. This explains the decrease in blood pressure.

The presence of mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium also fight against hypertension. They regulate the imbalance in the number of fluids existing in the whole organism. Frequently, too much fluid causes an increase in pressure in the blood vessels.

In addition, celery also purifies the blood, making it more fluid. Good blood circulation in the blood vessels is synonymous with normal blood pressure.

Facilitates digestion and alleviates disorders of the digestive system

We all know that vegetables are high in fiber. Celery is no exception. The fibers promote better digestion of food and especially clean the intestinal villi. Easy intestinal transit prevents constipation.

Celery also has excellent anti-inflammatory action. It soothes pain caused by muscle spasms, including all the muscles in the digestive tract.

In the event of heartburn or other convulsions, the consumption of celery in all its forms, particularly in the form of juice, relieves the stomach. The stomach is quickly restored due to a decrease in its temperature and its pH.

A potent antioxidant

Celery is quite rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants fight effectively against the premature aging of the skin in particular and prevent a wide range of diseases, such as cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

It also has a moisturizing effect and a radiant effect on hair. It acts as an effective remedy for dandruff, strengthening the scalp and promoting hair growth.

The antioxidant polyacetylene in celery also relieves inflammation, which in turn helps prevent diseases like arthritis, for example. Likewise, vitamin C, another antioxidant in celery, also promotes brain function.

Cleanses and detoxes the body

Celery juice is alkaline. That means the juice is strongly ‘basic’, which ensures a better acid-base balance in your blood. Studies have shown that in an acidic body, diseases and complaints such as headaches, joint pain, skin problems, and fatigue are more likely to arise.

In addition, celery juice is a good way to detoxify your body. It promotes the release of water by the kidneys, causing toxins to leave your body faster.

According to Anthony Williams, the sodium cluster salts in celery juice bind to toxins and heavy metals. These mineral salts pull these harmful substances from your liver and drain them. This detoxifies your body.

Improves blood pressure

Some exploratory studies (in animals) show that celery extract not only improves blood pressure but also LDL and triglycerides values. This is partly due to the substance phthalide, which gives the celery plant its taste and smell.

It reduces bad cholesterol (LDL), helps relax the muscles around the heart, stimulates blood circulation, and dilates blood vessels.

It is a natural sedative

Celery juice is often suggested by experts as a way to relax and get to sleep in a natural way. It contains magnesium, a mineral known for its calming effects.

Most people don’t get enough magnesium, which can cause major problems, including insomnia. So, juice celery and drink it in the evening to enjoy a peaceful and reinvigorating sleep.

Good for physical recovery

Celery juice is high in natural sodium, which helps your body recover during, for example, a hot day, after an intensive sports session, or a sauna visit. Its magnesium content also has a relaxing effect on your muscles.

A strong diuretic

Celery juice is an excellent diuretic and antiseptic. It facilitates the work of the bladder and kidneys. For the urinary tract, celery drink is a kind of powerful purgative. It ensures proper functioning of the bladder and improves urine output.

Those affected by diseases of the heart, liver, and kidneys are the most sensitized. These three organs are the most susceptible to excess fluid storage or the phenomenon of water retention. At the same time, toxins are also eliminated from the body thanks to the diuretic effect.

Strengthens the bones

Celery contains high levels of calcium and silicon. Together they strengthen your bones and can even help to repair damaged bones. To ensure that the calcium is most effective, it is best to make your juice with organic celery.

Promotes weight loss

Celery juice is one of the most recommended drinks for weight loss. All these benefits mentioned above make this juice an effective solution for weight loss. If you want to eliminate a few grams or even a few extra pounds, celery is your friend.

Indeed, not only that celery contains very few calories, 20 per 100 grams to be exact, it is also very rich in fiber. Due to this, celery requires more calories for its digestion than it provides. This facilitates fat burning and weight loss.

By the action of the phthalide itself, this drink also ensures a better evacuation of all the waste which circulates in the body. Including excess triglycerides like bad cholesterols by stimulating the liver to produce more bile acids. This effect as well promotes weight loss.

Prevents inflammation

One of the most interesting properties of celery and celery juice is undoubtedly its anti-inflammatory power. This action to reduce inflammation and relax the tissues is due to the polyacetylene present in the plant. It helps eliminate toxins and promotes weight loss.

This substance also offers relief to people who suffer from conditions such as rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, asthma, and bronchitis.

Prevents cancer

The antioxidant in celery is very involved in the prevention of the most dreaded disease known to mankind, cancer. Besides the antioxidant, there are also the coumarins. These protect every cell in our body against cancer.

The polyacetylenes that are found in celery juice also inhibit the development of potentially cancerous cells. The risk of getting pancreatic cancer is reduced under the effect of the polyphenols, luteolin, and apigenin.

Celery juice also contains phytoestrogen which, in synergy with estrogen, prevents the proliferation of cancer cells in the uterus and breast. 

Last Words

Celery is a food with multiple therapeutic virtues. It is kown to heal and protect almost all organs and mechanisms in the human body. Celery juice, consequently, inherent these benefits. In addition to helping us lose weight, celery helps eliminate toxins and improves inflammatory processes caused by arthritis or lung diseases such as asthma or bronchitis.

It also helps prevent dreaded diseases like hypertension and cancer.

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Jenny Zhang

Jenny holds a Master's degree in psychiatry from the University of Illinois and Bachelors's degree from the University of Texas in nutritional sciences. She works as a dietician for Austin Oaks Hospital in Austin, Texas. Jenney writes content on nutrition and mental health for the Scientific Origin.