Daily coffee consumption appears to have some protective effect against the risk of developing prostate cancer, especially its aggressive form.

A series of researches have been devoted to this specific benefit attributed to coffee. A Chinese team (China Medical University) undertook to examine all these data in depth, and for this, they came across the results of the most “serious” international studies to date on the subject. About twenty of them were selected, bringing together a total of just over a million participants.

Confirmation: Coffee does reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. This is observed for all forms, from localized and non-aggressive cancer to advanced and aggressive cancer, as well as in terms of associated mortality. The benefit is dose-dependent, meaning that each extra daily cup has an additional protective effect. Compared to non-coffee drinkers, men who consume the most are at a 9% reduced risk – this is an average – of suffering from prostate cancer of all forms (-7% for the localized form and – 12% for the advanced form).

There are two questions that this study does not answer. The first is the mechanisms by which coffee is involved. In fact, other research points out that its active compounds act as antioxidants, reduce the inflammatory process, and help regulate insulin. As for the amount, it is estimated that the right dose is three or four cups a day, with benefits that go beyond the prostate, without running too much risk of any inconvenience.

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Erica Delaney

Erica is an experienced nurse working in the central Florida area. She focuses on subjects related to pregnancy and infant health. She is a mother of two with hobbies ranging from dancing to playing the piano.