Coconut water is one of the most nutritious drinks you can consume. This natural beverage is packed with health benefits that go beyond its refreshing taste. Indeed, its powers include hydration, energy, and reinforcement of the immune system, and much more. Let’s take a look together at why coconut water is so good for you.

What is coconut water?

Coconut water is the juice extracted from the inside of the coconut, the fruit of the coconut palm that is only found in tropical countries. In tropical countries, coconut water is often consumed straight from the fruit. However, in the west, most people get it bottled in supermarkets. It is obviously better for your health if you can get it from the fruit itself as sugar and preservatives are often added to the bottled options.

Furthermore, the nutrients are most present and effective in fresh coconut water. Indeed, the more the liquid is exposed to air, the faster its nutritional properties evaporate. Therefore, the water in a fresh coconut should be consumed soon after being exposed to air.

A single coconut usually provides 30 cl of coconut water.

What is young coconut water

Coconut water is a very light-colored drink. The younger the coconut, the greater the amount of this drink. Indeed, when the fruit ripens, this liquid turns into flesh. This white flesh, well known to all, is what we consume as the fruit itself. This is also the reason why commonly sold coconut water is often referred to as young coconut water.

Nutritional Value of Coconut Water


Calories60 kcal
Protein0.62 g
Fat1 g
Carbohydrates12.25 g


Vitamin B1 25 μg
Vitamin B250 μg
Vitamin B3 250 μg
Vitamin B5 125 μg
Vitamin B6 75 μg
Vitamin B7 1.25 μg
Vitamin B9 10 μg
Vitamin C 5 μg
Folic acid 25 μg


Calcium 67.50 mg
Chlorine 450 mg
Potassium 700 mg
Magnesium 75 mg
Sodium 117.50 mg
Phosphorus 75 mg
Sulfur 60 mg
Iron 0.25 mg
Iodine 1 μg
Copper 550 μg
Manganese 1000 μg
Zinc 0.25 mg

Video Summary – Benefits of Coconut Water

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

1.     Rich in Nutrients


Coconut water is low in calories and fat, but rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, some of which are essential for the proper functioning and well-being of our body.

We find vitamins such as vitamins C and B (B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6) and nutrients like potassium and magnesium. Coconut water also contains a large amount of phosphorus, calcium iron, zinc, sodium, chlorine, selenium, copper, sulfur, and manganese.

Rich in carbohydrates, coconut water is also distinguished – compared to other drinks – by a small content of proteins and essential fatty acids, nutrients necessary to maintain our body in good health.

Finally, coconut water is 95% water, which makes it a highly hydrating drink – full of nutrients and vitamins – that is ideal during a sporting event or a simple workout.

2.     Naturally strengthens the immune system

immune system

Coconut water contains an acid called lauric acid. The latter acts as an antibacterial agent and therefore helps protect and improve the immune system by eliminating bacteria and thus prevents the occurrence of certain diseases, such as colds, among others. Coconut water is, therefore, a stimulating drink, which acts effectively on the body’s natural defenses.

Among the antioxidant and immunostimulatory compounds in coconut water is vitamin C, also called “ascorbic acid”, present in interesting amounts, which also strengthens the immune system.

3.     The ultimate energy drink

Energy Drinks

The pure coconut water comes from the young, still green coconuts and is rich in potassium and antioxidants. These ingredients are really good for the human body and thus coconut water dwarfs conventional sports drinks. Especially for high-performance athletes who lose a lot of fluid and vital minerals during a sporting event.

In addition to its antioxidant properties, it facilitates the recharging of glycogen, an important energy reserve in the body, in particular for runners and endurance athletes. Natural coconut water also provides good hydration throughout the physical effort.

As such, coconut water can serve as an ideal alternative to isotonic sports drinks and contains at least twice as much potassium as these.

In addition, coconut water is low in calories and contains significantly less sugar.

Although coconut water contains less sodium than sports drinks, our society as a whole absorbs enough of it through salt in the rest of the diet.

4.     Improves digestion

Stomach cancer
Stomach cancer

If you suffer from a lot of digestive issues (gastric reflux, heartburn, bloating, etc.), coconut water might provide you some relief.

The liquid in coconut is concentrated in dietary fiber and potassium. These reduce acid reflux and considerably help the digestive system. For comparison, one glass of coconut water corresponds to five oranges.

Besides the dietary fibers and the potassium, many other natural bioactive enzymes such as acid phosphate, peroxidase, diastase contained in coconut water also facilitate digestion and improve digestive comfort.

5.     Improves kidney function

foods to eat to cleanse the kidneys 1

Coconut water is rich in potassium, which acts as a diuretic on the body. Indeed, it helps the kidneys to evacuate excess water because it promotes diuresis. Its diuretic effect could also be effective in preventing kidney stones.

Furthermore, individuals with a potassium deficiency, called hypokalemia, often retain water. This results in swelling, especially in the feet. Coconut water contains enough potassium to prevent and relieve this problem.

However, individuals who suffer from kidney problems, due to a too high potassium level, should not drink coconut water. Its potassium content is way too high, and it will only worsen kidney function.

6.     Balances blood pressure

blood pressure

High blood pressure is a very common cardiovascular disease. It is due, among other things, to a lack of magnesium and potassium. However, a moderate intake of these nutrients is often enough to reduce blood pressure.

As mentioned above, coconut water is rich in potassium. It is therefore excellent for helping individuals with high blood pressure.

Besides potassium, coconut water also contains magnesium and vitamin B6, which help prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

7.     Helps to lose weight

Weight Loss

Coconut water is a low-calorie drink that restores nutritional reserves. Unlike so-called energy drinks, this drink contains very few calories, no coloring or acidifier, but potassium which is an ideal nutrient to promote recovery after a physical effort.

Low in fat and low in calories, coconut water helps athletes to restore their nutrient stocks without taking a gram!

As it is low in fat and calorie, it can be consumed in large quantities. This will keep you full, reduce your appetite, and therefore help you if you are looking to lose weight. Drink one to two cups a day, and you can enjoy the benefits of this natural drink.

In addition, since it is very rich in essential minerals, it will help you avoid a number of dietary deficiencies.

8.     Coconut water helps with muscle spasms


Muscle spasms can have various causes. A potassium deficiency is often the cause. That is why it is important to take in sufficient potassium through the diet.

Many people also have muscle spasms during sports. In this case, an electrolyte deficiency might be the cause.

As we’ve mentioned many times, coconut water is rich in potassium and also contains electrolytes. This makes coconut water perfect for preventing muscle spasms.

9.     Good for your skin and hair


The benefits of coconut water are also visible on the skin and hair. Indeed, Asians, and especially women, use coconut water to keep their hair and skin healthy.

They have indeed found that it is an excellent skin care product, which helps fight skin aging and preserve youth.

These positive effects are due to the hydrating power and the nutrients contained in the water. Indeed, coconut water also helps hydrate the whole body. Skin that lacks hydration lacks vitality and radiance. The use of coconut water can therefore help people with have dehydrated skin recover their radiance and youthfulness.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, people with very oily skin can also benefit from the beautifying power of coconut water. Thanks to the same hydrating and nutritional properties, coconut water will improve their skin, treating the problem at the source. That is to say from the inside, and not just on the surface.

The power of coconut water on your looks does not end with your skin! Hair is also positively affected by this amazing juice. It prevents hair breakage, as well as hair loss, dryness and promotes hair growth.

Some people use it right after their shampooing and others put a few drops in their bath. Coconut oil is also extremely beneficial in this regard.

10.     Effective against acne


In the same context of beautifying your skin, coconut water also works miracles against acne.

If you are one of those people who have tried all acne products without real success, look no further! Apply a few drops of coconut water directly to your skin. After a few applications, you will find yourself with radiant skin and a more glowing complexion.

It also works to soften wrinkles and remove the dark spots and blemishes from your skin.

11.     Good for pregnant women


Being a healthy drink, sterile, and endowed with a great amount of energy, coconut water can help relieve multiple ailments related to pregnancy.

In particular, it can help fight fatigue and ward off infections. This is done by protecting the immune system against bacteria.

Women can also avoid the minor inconveniences of constipation, bloating, heartburn during pregnancy by drinking one or two cups of coconut water per day.

However, when it comes to nutrition during pregnancy nothing beats the advice of your doctor. They alone will be able to estimate the needs of your body during this period. If you experience any discomfort and symptoms, talk to your doctor who will follow you during your pregnancy.

Talk to them about organic coconut water to get a personalized opinion.

How to consume coconut water?

In tropical countries, this is no mystery. Coconut water is consumed directly from the young coconut fruit, sometimes just after picking. It is also at this time that we make the most of all its benefits. Unfortunately, in the west, we often do not have this luxury and have to resort to bottled coconut water, which often contains added sugar and preservatives.

However, if you look hard enough, you might find young coconut fruits at your local farmers’ market.

Last Words

Coconut water has multiple benefits, especially for athletes. Its benefits are numerous. It reinforces our immune system, protects and revitalizes our skin and hair, and may protect certain ailments in pregnant women.

We can all use it because it is a healthy and natural drink, the consumption of which does not lead to side effects. Enjoy!

Cassidy Perry

A certified dietician specializing in diabetes care, Cassidy has over a decade of experience working with diverse patient backgrounds. She writes health-related articles for the Scientific Origin.