In the United States between 20 and 30% of women report not being able to achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse. An alarming finding in short, but not irremediable. Below are some tips that can help a woman reach orgasm.

Get to know your body better

A study from Emory University reveals that for 50% of women clitoral stimulation is essential to achieve orgasm. So we are going to focus on this wonderful organ that is the clitoris and therefore, on masturbation. Before heading straight to it, it is important to favor a comfortable and healthy environment that invites relaxation. Once relaxed, the ideal is to start feeling your body, caressing yourself (breasts, thighs, stomach, or neck), and imagining exciting things. Usually, the state of excitement is felt in the lower abdomen and throughout the vagina.

With the foreplay started, then comes the stage of masturbation itself. At this stage, many women can get discouraged because they are still “dry”. But this is quite normal at first. Do not hesitate to use a lubricant to accompany the gestures.

There are a number of fairly simple masturbation techniques:

  • The rod: stimulate the area just above the glans of the clitoris with your finger.
  • The vulva: position your fingers on your outer lips, spread them slightly to separate your inner lips and reveal the entrance to the vagina and massage in small circles.
  • The tissue: stroke the glans of the clitoris through a thin layer of skin or tissue.

Masturbation is a long road where orgasm comes through training and habit. You have to be persistent. Once you know each other well enough, it is important to communicate with your partner about each other’s pleasures in order to reach orgasm together. One of the techniques to bridge the gap between masturbation and pleasure for two is to masturbate in front of your partner. While it calls for a fair amount of confidence, both in yourself and in your partner, it will also make penetration much more enjoyable.

Positions that promote orgasms in women

Certain positions also make it easier to reach orgasm. Beyond all the techniques already known, there is the ancestral method of East Africa called Kunyaza. Concretely, there is no penetration, but the partner uses his penis or sexual objects to tap the clitoris, lips, and orifice. According to the followers, an orgasm guaranteed.


This is the classic position, often considered boring. However, 72% of women report having orgasms this way. Moreover, it’s a position that encourages intimacy: eye-to-eye contact, kisses, and caresses. You can spice it up by engaging in the act in different locations and saying enticing phrases to each other.



It’s a position that pleases us, women, because it allows us to be in control, and enchants the male partner as it allows him to get a little rest. As he lies on his back, you either sit or squat on him. With his hands-free, he can therefore take time to touch and caress you in all the exciting areas. 58% of women admit to reaching orgasm in this position.

cowgirl 1

Woman-on-top missionary

In this position, the girl is on top. The benefit of this position for women is that it puts them in charge! The rate of penetration and its depth is under our control. This position gives us a certain freedom of movement which allows us to cuddle, kiss passionately or tenderly, even caress our partner. 57% of women reach orgasm in this position.

Woman on top

Doggy style

It’s not the most romantic position, but 53% of women reach orgasm easily in this position. Indeed, the penetration is deeper and therefore more intense. If the man is at all gifted, he can take this opportunity to stimulate our clitoris.



52% of women report reaching orgasm in this position. The woman lies on her back, her knees folded over her stomach. The man, on his knees, places himself between his partner’s thighs and lifts the pelvis. This position is perfect for stimulating the clitoris. The woman can use her legs wrapped around her partner to push him against her pelvis.


Tantric sex

Tantric sex is also a possibility. You must first establish a sensory connection by looking at yourself long and affectionately, without undressing, then appeal to touch by stroking your cheek or hand. The feelings caused by each gesture, of giving and receiving, must be consciously experienced by both partners.

Once aroused, you can then move to undress, touch, and take action. The important thing is to always keep the same level of benevolence, interest, and listening for the other. Qualities that unfortunately are sometimes lacking in modern intercourse.

Elena Mars

Elena writes part-time for the Scientific Origin, focusing mostly on health-related issues.