Current DateSeptember 27, 2021

15 amazing heath benefits from beets and beet juice

While we are most often used to eating it as raw vegetables during the summer, beets are a food that has many other benefits and advantages. Around the world, many medicinal properties and virtues are attributed to it. Digestion, fitness, morale, detoxification, cancer, etc.… Beets would be a real panacea of health benefits.

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Rich in nutrients

Beet is a subspecies of plant, which comes from the Amaranthaceae family. It is mainly cultivated for its root, and can have various uses: sugar production, human food, fuel for bioethanol, fodder plant, etc. There are therefore different varieties of beet, including vegetable beets, which we consume as part of our diet.

What interests us here is above all its very rich nutritional composition. Beetroot contains betalains, which designate a family of pigments responsible for its very specific red coloring. But these compounds are powerful natural antioxidants.

Nitrates are also active compounds that can be found in juice extracted from beet root. In addition, beet roots also contain a lot of fibers, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B5, B9, C, E, K) as well as mineral salts and trace elements. These are calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, boron, iodine, choline, copper and iron.

As for beet leaves, they are exceptionally rich in nutrients as well as chlorophyll. And they can perfectly integrate a beet juice, just like the roots.

Fight anemia

Beets and the juice that can be obtained from them contain significant amounts of iron. This iron content allows our body to restore its reserves and reactivate the body’s red blood cells. By boosting our natural iron intake, beetroot helps improve the oxygen supply to the organs and muscles.

On the other hand, the root also contains copper in interesting amounts, which greatly improves the availability of iron in our body. This helps the body to absorb iron more efficiently. Finally, beets contain another element to fight against the lack of iron: vitamin C! This greatly improves the absorption of iron by the body, as does copper.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

A glass of beetroot juice a day, keeps the doctor away! According to the renowned trade journal Hypertension, people with elevated blood pressure benefit from a glass of beetroot juice per day. The nitrates in beetroot cause the nitric oxide content of the blood to rise. That gas opens up our blood vessels, making the circulation smoother. In addition, beetroots help protect against cardiovascular disease and would lower cholesterol.

Restore the acid-base balance

The virtues of beets are considerable. In particular, this root is known to be alkaline, which means that it helps the body maintain a good acid-base balance. Integrating beet juice into our eating habits therefore helps counter the harmful effects of more “acidic” foods on the body. Thus, beetroot reduces the pH of our body and preserves it from the perverse effects of an overly acidic diet: development of diseases, cancer, etc. It is associated in this context with various other foods such as lemon or green vegetables!

A naturally detoxifying power

As we said above, beets contain the natural pigments: betalains. These compounds are the source of its very special color. But they are also powerful natural antioxidants, like other pigments! On the other hand, beets also contain other antioxidant elements, which are vitamin C and choline. These nutrients help the body (especially the liver) to eliminate toxins and free radicals present in excess.

Beet juice can thus counter the harmful effects of these wastes, such as cellular aging, the development of diseases, etc. Thus, the beet has real medicinal properties!

In addition, the benefits of beet juice on the liver are of great help in cases of intoxication, hepatitis, diarrhea, jaundice, vomiting or food poisoning. Beet juice is therefore a health ally and a support for the liver. A healthy liver allows us to feel better and preserve our energy throughout the day.

Good for weight loss

Beet juice is a recurring component of slimming diets and detoxifying cures. It is very often used for weight loss, due to its mineral and vitamin content. These contributions complement a healthy and balanced diet, and allow you to consume healthy and light snacks. In addition, the antioxidants in the root prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and the deposition of fat in the arteries.

In a sporting setting, you can combine beetroot with banana. Indeed, the composition of such a juice is very beneficial before exercise: it offers a digest of nutrients and energy that should not be neglected. Of course, real meals cannot be replaced by fruit or vegetable juices. But these are great natural supplements!

Promote health and beautiful skin

Beetroot juice contains various nutrients that ensure a healthy and even skin. The first is vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which helps prevent damage to your skin cells, for example due to UV radiation. Beets are also a natural source of Betalains, which have a purifying effect. Because they also have an anti-inflammatory effect, they can help prevent skin inflammation associated with acne.

The mineral copper in beets, together with vitamin C, also contributes to the production of collagen in your body. This is important for smooth skin, among other things.

May help against cancer

As mentioned earlier, beet juice helps the body restore its acid-base balance. In this sense, it helps prevent the development of certain diseases, such as cancer. In addition, the root also contains an organic compound belonging to amino acids: glycine-betaine. This has interesting virtues in the face of cancer. In various clinical studies, beets have been shown to inhibit compounds that cause cancer development, especially of the colon and stomach.

In general, the tuber acts on our body and protects it from disease. Performing regular cures of beet juice will allow you to benefit from all of its medicinal properties.

Good for pregnant women

The nutritional composition of beets is very interesting for pregnant and lactating women. Indeed, the vitamins present in the root are beneficial for the development of the fetus, in particular vitamin B9. This is essential in the context of pregnancy and in particular allows the formation of the baby’s spinal cord.

Beet juice also helps revitalize the mother’s body and strengthen her immune system. Its components help regulate blood glucose levels as well as blood pressure. Women who are prone to high blood pressure or diabetes during pregnancy can consume this juice. Finally, it can also help prevent the onset of edema during these delicate nine months.

Treat digestive disorders

We know that beetroot acts in favor of our digestive comfort, and is very effective in relieving digestive disorders. It works against constipation, diarrhea, etc.. Thanks to the cellulose it contains, it promotes the proper functioning of the intestines and therefore, a good transit! Beet juice cures are ideal for chronic constipation, but also peptic ulcer disease. In this second case, the root blends perfectly with the benefits of honey.

Boost sports performance

Many high level athletes and sportsmen carry out regular cures of beets and beet juice. Consumed before training or competition, this root is thought to be able to improve sports performance. This is thanks to its content of nitrates, which affect the performance of the muscle after ingestion.

Improve libido

Beet juice is also believed to be able to enhance sexual activity due to the nitrates it contains. These are known to improve the flow of oxygen in the body and blood circulation, especially to organs. Indeed, beets has a vasodilator effect which has the effect of increasing blood flow to the penis and improves libido. Around the world, many people consume beets to combat frigidity and lack of sexual desire. In addition, boron is found in the composition of beets. It is a compound essential for the production of sex hormones.

Boost for morale

Every day our body is more or less affected by different sources and forms of stress. Beetroot is a revitalizing root for body and mind. Consuming it regularly allows you to regain serenity and fight against anxiety and stress. This red tuber has everything we need to give us a lasting feeling of well-being. The components of the tuber improve blood circulation and therefore oxygenate the brain. This has the effect of improving our cognitive faculties.

Thus, beetroot juice does not only work on the body, but also on our mental well-being. A clinical study carried out in the United States shows that beet juice increases the activity of the prefrontal cortex in the elderly. Thus, it helps fight degenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, in particular.

Beetroot preserves eye health

Beet leaves are eaten like spinach, cooked with a little crème fraîche, a knob of butter or raw in salads for the small leaves. They contain carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin, which are powerful antioxidants.

Anti-inflammatory effect

Beets owe their red color to Betalains. These are often used as a natural dye in the food industry, but they can also be very healthy. For example, research shows that they have an anti-inflammatory effect. If you suffer from inflammatory diseases such as gout or rheumatic arthritis, then drinking beetroot juice can provide relief.